Issues That May Come Up in Millionaire Dating

It’s time to discuss the good, bad and ugly about what attracts millionaires. This article isn’t going to be politically correct, but will focus on some of the issues that do come up when you’re dating a millionaire…and unsuccessfully so. There are some rules and standards to be aware of before you get your heart set on marrying Daddy Warbucks.

1.Body shape really matters.
It’s not always fair to big girls, but some millionaires prefer the skinny, buxom blond woman who has a perfect figure than BBWs. They call her the “trophy wife” and do take great joy in parading her around in the public spotlight. If you are big and beautiful or curvy, some millionaire men may not be attracted. It’s very much a reputation and ego thing and sadly, some men marry wives they don’t even love that much just because they wanted the “trophy wife” look. If you’re serious about landing a millionaire, take yoga classes and become a regular at a gym. It’s not all about looks…but the more you look like Jennifer Lopez, the better.

2. Age matters.
The older and richer they are, the more intimidated they are by women their own age. This is not to say it’s impossible for a rich man to marry a woman in her 30s or 40s…but the truth is, most millionaire men that marry women their own age grow up together with the wife of his youth. Many millionaire men admit that they want someone young, attractive and full of life. The youthful woman reminds the aging millionaire of how he used to be when he was that age. It’s not a popular thought, but it is a trend you will notice.

3.A lack of ambition.
Millionaires can have their pick of any one, from groupies to escorts to movie stars. So the last thing a millionaire wants is to settle for a vapid and superficial young girl who doesn’t understand or care about important issues of the day. If you sense that you’re lacking in ambition or in worldly wisdom, take a crash course in philosophy. Follow politics. Read history books and some religious texts. Even if you cannot compete with the millionaire’s book smarts, you can still prove yourself a step above the rest and worthy of a second date.

4.Race matters.
Race matters more than people let on, and that’s a sad fact of the real world. As much as we would like to say that our American society is an equal opportunity world where anyone can fall in love regardless of race, creed or faith, sometimes interracial relationships can suffer because of family disagreement, class separation, and believing racist stereotypes. For instance, maybe a rich woman would be willing to sexually experiment with a young black or Asian man. But when it comes time to get serious and introduce him to the family, if some of her family members are uneasy about interracial dating, she may prefer to just keep things casual. This sort of scenario can hurt a younger person who is more open-minded. So it is important to be honest in these relationships and not lead on a person romantically, when casual sex is all that’s ever going to become of it.

The issues may be stacked against you but there’s no question winning the heart of a millionaire is a wonderful feeling and a life changing course of events that is sure to be worth the effort.

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