Harley Davidson’s Bikes; A Rich Man’s Toy

For every layman and middle income group person, money buys the basic necessities of life. For the millionaires and filthy rich, money is merely a way of buying happiness. Whoever says money cannot buy happiness is surely wrong in the eyes of a millionaire. Ever since the inception of luxury cars and bikes, man’s best friend and leisure activities have now become one of these two. Rich are becoming richer with their never ending net worth and their wishes seem to see no full stop. If one day a Mercedes Benz cheer them up, then on the other day, throwing away their Audi to buy a Harley bike is not that big a deal.

The Harley Davidson bike is a symbol of jaw dropping lavishness which comes with a whopping price of many dollars. Only a rich man can afford to ride on a Harley bike and the poor only gets to see them riding. For such people who are filthy rich this bike is no less than a toy. Son of a billionaire wants to have his girlfriend take a ride on a bike, so he gets a Harley to flaunt his money. When the work is done, he dumps it to get another car that he recently found out about. The scenario seems a bit too familiar because a similar thing happens to kids. They insist on buying the teddy bear, but after having played with it twice or thrice, they want a new toy. The wishes of these millionaires are no less than that of any kid who cries for toys like Harley Davidson’s bike and then the other day the bike gets to be sitting in the garage for as long as the dust settles on it.

The reason why rich and millionaire’s love a Harley Davidson Bike is that it has now become a status symbol for them. It is a reason for them to spend their never ending money. The bikes of Harley Davidson itself are branded in a manner that only a niche of rich people is able to afford them for their luxury spending. Like a child gifts his friend a toy in the same way, any millionaire presents his dearest friend with a Harley bike because this is what suits their status and financial position in the world.

The good thing about these Harley Davidson Bikes is that, they are worth the amount they are charged with. No matter what color or face you have, sitting on a Harley Bike and Harley dating accentuates your overall personality. It defines your persona. The smooth ride and the functioning and running of bike are totally worth the price you are hedged with. The experience of riding a Harley is what a millionaire wants. Some opine that the prices are just sky high, but the millionaires have no issue buying more than just a bike. It is no less than a toy for them to spare their money and wealth on.

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